Birthday Resolutions:

~Go completely vegan, I’m like 95% there. All I have left is honey.

~Get my blog up and running. Make a little extra cash on it while doing what I love.

~Start my gosh darn novel already! I just need to focus.

~Use my visualization techniques to become what I want in life. Ugh, I sound like a self help book.

~Start volunteering more. To help at least one life is my goal.

~Learn to draw. And be more artsy in general. I want to become a better photographer.

~Learn the art of medicine. Not the pharmaceutical stuff, the natural stuff. Herbs, botanicals, crystals. Just be more of a spiritual person in general

~Redo my wardrobe, it’s atrocious right now. Come on, money, work with me.

~Meditate, do more yoga. Just exercise more, in general.

Okie, that’s all for now. I’ll add more later, this is all I can think of. I think posting my birthday resolutions to the public will motivate me to get them done.

My Life Tips

1) If you see something on some social media website that generalizes a whole group, particularly yours, don’t take it personally. Just don’t be whatever that person is complaining about, and then they can’t generalize you.

2) Unless you are a medical professional or a loved one that is seriously concerned about that persons well being, don’t judge people for what they do. If that girl wants a thigh gap, so what? If she gets a breast augmentation, who cares? If she gets a spray tan, it’s none of your business. If it makes them happy, as long as they aren’t harming others, let them continue doing it.

3) Unless someone insults something deep and personal to you, don’t get into petty arguments. So what they disagree with your political stance? Or your taste in music? That’s their deal. Don’t fight them about it. You have your opinion and they have theirs and neither of you are going to budge in an argument, so why waste your time?

4) Let people be proud of what they are. If that guy is proud to be French, or if they’re proud of their country or their fandom, let them be. Don’t discriminate them for it, don’t scold them for it. Just don’t, it’ll just upset both of you. Especially if an argument starts.

5) Don’t shame anyone for what they are, especially if they can’t help it. Music taste, sexuality, race, preferences, religion, sports team. Little or big, don’t shame them for it.

6) Whatever group you belong to, there will always be extremists that give everyone else a bad rep. This kinda goes in hand with the first one. If you like your group, who cares about those extremists? Be the better change. Prove society that they’re wrong about your group.

7) Remember the Law of Attraction. If you think good things of yourself and have a clear image of what you want to become, you will become that. Simple. Just drift away from the negative, it’s only what you think of yourself that matters.

8) Don’t harm others. Big, little, human, non-human, female, male, and anything else you can think of. Harming them won’t make things better for you, it’ll probably make things worse. Be kind is all I’m saying.

That’s it for now, hope you like:)




My mom just told me I need to write a book. Sadly, I have no ideas. Help?

write a story about a little blind girl who wanders the streets of a peculiar city where everyone can see but they’re all really shallow … Even the blind girl’s mom and dad. and all they care about is appearances. throw in an animal sidekick. Boom.

Sarah. Thank you.